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What is LAPAHOA?

The Lander Area Pilot and Hangar Owners Association is a coalition of the Lander, WY area local aviation community created to advocate for greater aviation representation and community awareness.



  • Advocate for stronger representation of all interest groups within the scope of aviation in the Lander area.

  • Promotion of grassroots movements.

  • Create greater interest in General Aviation.

  • Provide a greater aviation presence within both the local aviation and non-aviation community.

  • Coordinate volunteerism within the airport community.

  • Promote safety and education within the local aviation community.



The Lander Area Pilots and Hangar Owners Association believes it is very important for the City of Lander, the Lander City Council and the Lander Airport Manager to have the benefit of our collective voice when decisions are being made affecting the Lander airport.


The airport constituents and aviation community contribute to the overall financial health of the Lander area. As a community asset the group of Lander area airport and aviation constituents (LAPAHOA) are advocating to have greater representation in local aviation related agenda items.

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